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Have you felt frustration this week? Get inspired. Watch the video of Andy Mackey. Now get out there and follow your own passion.

Dan Robles nails it again. 4 Square, redefining currency, revaluing knowledge. What's your personal economy going to look like in 10 years?

Our national attention finally turned to our aging transportation infrastructure this past decade, although we've just begun to restructure and fund these priorities.

But we may be even father behind in communications technology, despite private and public efforts. Most people's eyes glaze over when you mention " broadband".

Here's a good article that presents a different meme, "soft infrastructure". While it will never overcome the focus on Dancing with the Stars, maybe this can better capture our group consciousness and attention, so we can really do something about it.

If you don't yet subscribe to the daily blog posts at relationship-, please check it out. This us one of my favourite blogs.

Today and tomorrow, Twitter hosts their first developer conference, TwitterChirp in
SanFransisco. It's sold out, but you can watch it live on Justin.TV, embedded here.

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