Jamestown Savings Bank Arena Board Communications Updates

This page provides current project updates for board and management. Please read to the bottom of this article. Access this page at any time to check the status of any components. All updates will show here in real-time.


The following file was presented to JSBA board on Oct. 21 prior to iniitiating the project.

JSBA board presentation 102110


The following file is updated every Wednesday.

FILE SOURCE: Slideshare is an online presentation software platform offering both free and paid accounts. It works with PowerPoint files you have already created, shrinking them in size, letting you embed them in websites and articles, create slidecasts, etc. You can also use Google Docs for this function.

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The following spreadsheet gives detailed information on the entire project, including responsibilities, assignment and due dates. Other tabs within the spreadsheet show all JSBA scheduled events.

FILE SOURCE: Google Docs is an online office software platform (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations) offering both free and paid accounts. To track the current project, we maintain a spreadsheet titled JSBA Master on Google Docs, accessible for editing to selected individuals. NOTE: This file is only available to authorized users. If you have not been authorized, call or email immediately.

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The following mind map has been provided to management and staff as a touchstone to keep the key assignments in mind that need to be quickly accomplished. It currently replicates the Holiday Tasks tab on the spreadsheet above.

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Call (814-866-3600) or email with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thank you,

October 30, 2010