David VanAmburg


David VanAmburg is a long-term serial entrepreneur and social entrepreneur. He is President of VanAmburg Group, Inc., President/CEO of MutualGravity, Inc., consultant to major corporations and start-ups, and noted speaker. He is currently writing the book, The Tao of Conscious Business: Global Coherence Marketing, with Canadian co-author and speaker, Judy Berg.

He began his career as a market analyst with technology leader, Lord Corporation, was Deputy Director of GECAC, one of the largest community action agencies in the U.S., founded two other companies, and presented his research results to the U.S. Congress.

Trained as an economist, he spends much of his life tracking and projecting global trends, and sharing his insights with clients throughout North America and the world. He provides practical information and inspirational speeches and workshops on global trends and integrated marketing.

He is an Eagle Scout, was a state and national debate champion, managed a non-profit coffee house at age 17, and was founding president of nonprofit JazzErie.

In his spare time, he meditates, writes children's stories, appreciates his wife and partner Rebecca, plays with his grandchildren, restores and enjoys classic cars, composes and plays music, camps, and writes this site's blog.


What are your current personal goals?

I've been fortunate to live through the greatest transition in the history of mankind, and to achieve many of the visions I've been given. Since age 17, my over-riding purposes have been to attain personal discipline, responsibility, and the highest consciousness I can reach through service to others.

What remains is for all of us to complete the transition from past chaos to global coherence. I continue to work with some of the brightest minds on the planet to help achieve this transformation.

What are your current business goals?

I've worked with and learned from phenomenal business executives, entrepreneurs and thinkers throughout the world. I've learned the design science of many things, from computers to automobiles. So I've already been able to achieve many of my lifetime goals.

Currently, we've built the MutualGravity and FullCircle Rewards web-based software platforms. Now my goal is to share them with executives who understand how to grow their businesses by simplifying their customer feedback and automating their marketing - those who are committed to success through Global Coherent Marketing.

Who have been the biggest personal influences in your life?

I was blessed to have many people guide me as a child, including:

  • My father, Malcolm VanAmburg, who demonstrated the nuances of peacefully living through any life challenge.
  • My mother, Mary Catherine "Mickey" Hosack, who showed me that no project in helping others is too big.
  • So many dedicated clergy and teachers, such as Fr. Chuck Schmitt who basically adopted me and paid my high school tuition; the late Fulbright Scholar, educator and author, Joe Petulla, who helped me learn how to think and discipline my mind.

And to this day, I learn from my partner and wife, Rebecca, who displays the art of living in the moment, content with life's experiences and gifts.

Who are your personal heroes?

I am impressed by every person I meet who acts through love and service to mankind, not just for self. Publicly known people whom I admire the most, include:

  • Buckminster Fuller, who proved that anyone can choose to live his/her life independently, discover reality beyond common misconceptions, and become a design scientist.
  • Napoleon Hill, who learned and demonstrated a practical philosophy of life through personal responsibility and positive mental focus.
  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who presented practical techniques to change our personal and global consciousness.
  • Deepak Chopra, M.D., who, every time I have heard him speak, has shared insights of practical value to all of humanity.

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October 17, 2008