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165 IndustriesWe provide services in three sequential areas, as requested:
Research, Planning, & Communication


Trend Tracking
On behalf of clients, we track a wide range of global technology, economic, socio-demographic trends. This process supports research, planning and marketing efforts, and helps identification of client investment, licensing and acquisition opportunities in emerging applied technology fields.

Feasibility & ROI
We provide practical valuation studies for clients focused on market and sales impact

CustomMarket Studies
We provide custom market, product, location and feasibility studies in multiple fields, with a concentration in health care, energy, technology, hospitality and regional development industries.

We provide comprehensive customer expectations and satisfaction research in these same fields.

Customer HeartBeat
We develop and manage ongoing real-time online customer satisfaction systems for clients in health care, energy and customer service industries.


Based on 40 years of corporate planning, we provide our online platform to support strategic planning at both corporate and divisional levels, and/or complete strategic planning services.

We provide unique analyses and plans for community development, both eCommunity and social network creation, and regional development, including economic, workforce and tourism development efforts.


WebAngel Software
We began our design of online software services in 1981, but had to wait for the technology of the Internet to implement it. We worked with MutualGravity to develop the integrated WebAngel software platform, used daily by thousands for web office management, CRM, web content and calendar management, online surveying and more.

TalkToMe Web
We analyze and implement selected web presences, incorporating information architecture, web systems development and optimization, SEM/SEO, and interactive customer communications.

We develop amazing customized marketing communications systems for clients that can incorporate both web and offline platforms. These systems can support automated interactive, direct customer communications, as well as media communications.

Loyalty Marketing
FullCircle Rewards is an example of our approach, a recently released complete, automated loyalty and rewards system, which is already operating in restaurants in U.S. 17 states. It not only manages all customer communications (postal mail, email, text messaging and voice) for restaurant owners, but includes 24/7 access to automated reports, real-time customer satisfaction feedback, and ongoing server evaluation.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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