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We serve creative decision makers determined to both survive the economic transition and lead the new economy, who are market-responsive, rather than simply technology-driven.

Do you see beyond chaos? Do you pursue your own vision to build a better world? Is it paramount for you to:

  • Anticipate your customers?
  • Make their lives easier?
  • Exceed their expectations?

We help make this happen - automatically.


VanAmburg Group, Inc. is a private research and marketing technology-driven consultancy which specializes in marketing studies and real-time communication systems.

We have brought $4+ billion in new business to companies and associations determined to both survive the economic transition and lead the new economy. Most client work is confidential.

Our services support global trend tracking, branding, mind share and market share, customer service and satisfaction, product development, location decisions, licensing, and business acquisition. We have:

  • Provided strategic & tactical research, consulting and implementation for 2,500+ clients in 165 industries since 1977.
  • Served Fortune 100 corporations to technology start-ups, national associations to university centers for excellence, utilities to health care, developers to restaurants and hotels.


VanAmburg Group specializes in five vertical markets:

  • Health Care: We were one of the first U.S. firms to provide marketing research services for hospitals in 1979.
  • Hospitality: We provide FullCircle Rewards loyalty programs for restaurants and retailers through distributors.
  • Energy: We first provided comprehensive research and marketing services for energy utilities in 1984.
  • Technology: We provide custom web-based software solutions through sister corporation, MutualGravity.
  • Community: We designed the first national hunger study for America's Second Harvest, the fourth largest charity in the U.S.

We bring to every project:

  • Decades of far reaching experience and highly skilled research and planning systems.
  • Out-of-the-box visioning and passion for creative excellence.
  • A complete platform of ready-to-use web-based software.

We focus on projects that bring near and long-term profit to our clients and are life supporting to the world, working with top management cognizant of the global impact of their actions - economically, environmentally, and socially.


We provide custom studies and automated systems for:

  • Global trend analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing research policies, plans, and studies.
  • Complete businesses communications platforms

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Updated November 4, 2008
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