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Do you want to enhance your positioning or branding, or to quickly attract customers? One key approach is to enhance your web communications by improving your visible presence through a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

There are many great resources to learn from and work with.


Where do you stand now? Start by measuring your site's readership, traffic and links through’s strength tools, or other evaluation sites for an accurate understanding and baseline figures. Then optimize your site for search.

Keyword Research

  • Determine the best key words and phrases to target for search engine optimization, relevant to your products and services, and supported by page content.
  • Utilizing industry standard tools, gather the most up to date, sought after relevant keywords being searched for on the internet.
    • Identify the relevant key words or phrases that primary competitors are listed for, and if they rank better, analyze why.
    • Use multiple professional keyword research tools to select the most relevant and attainable keywords that will attract highly targeted, qualified traffic based on number of searches, amount of competition, and market coverage.
    • Determine your site's current organic (unpaid) search rankings for all selected key words.

Site & Server Analysis

  • Conduct a thorough site and server analysis of  your website to address any undelying problem areas that may be preventing search engine robots from properly accessing/spidering and indexing the site. This includes checking canonical domains, broken links, slow loading pages, black list checks, etc.
  • Add Google Analytics to the site, and begin monitoring and analysis.

Website Optimization & Content Development

  • Develop unique Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Keyword Tags for each of the main pages, modify each page to incorporate appropriate keywords, upload revised site pages.
  • Assess content and recommend optimized text content to support your relevant keyword phrases.
  • Create optimized text for alt tags as required.
  • Create a sitemap.xml file plus robots.txt files.
  • Create a custom 404/error page.
  • Using the xml file, manually submit web page URLs to major search engines.

Determine SEO Impact & Refine SEO

  • Implement ongoing website analytics and conversion measurement. Compare your site's s starting organic (unpaid) search rankings for all selected key words to rankings after completion of the above work.
  • Conduct log and analytics analysis:
    • How people are finding your website
    • What pages they are entering & exiting your website from
    • How long they visited each page
    • Which search engine they came from
    • What key phrase they used to find your site
    • Which media buy is providing the highest ROI
  • Complete visibility reporting measure how website is performing on the Internet. Which pages of your website are showing up and what position they are holding in the search engine results pages for major search engines.
  • Conduct progressive optimization program (After the months required for the search engine robots to properly crawl, index and rank web pages).


Site Analysis & Search Engine Marketing Strategy Planning

  • Identify and analyze important medical and pharmacy education directory sites, social networks and discussion groups (relevant to medical and pharmacy school students),
  • Assess the main SEM pay-per-click search engines, relative to the selected key words to determine the value of each to your site and its targeted keywords.
  • Determine the search engine network(s) on which paid advertising will be placed (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft).
  • Given your available budget, determine your optimal paid online advertising mix.

Search Engine Marketing Implementation

  • Establish accounts within selected network(s).
  • Determine maximum bids for each keyword.
  • Set up and manage PPC accounts for each selected keyword.
  • Establish accounts with selected medical and pharmacy education directory sites, social networks and/or discussion groups.
  • Manage advertising with selected medical and pharmacy education directory sites, social networks and/or discussion groups.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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