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VanAmburg Group designs and works closely with MutualGravity to implement real-time customer satisfaction systems. Each system is built on MutualGravity's WebAngel web-based communications platform and customized to our clients' needs, which can utilize multiple inputs streams:

  • Written surveys & online forms
  • Telephone interviews
  • Text message responses & telephone keypad input

Our systems go far beyond customer feedback to support complete customer relationships.



Hospitality: In conjunction with MutualGravity, we recently released the FullCircle Rewards loyalty program to restaurants, already used by over 50 restaurants with over 26,000 members in 17 states. It is a unique and amazing system that automates a restaurant's personalized communications with their customers, including postal mail and newsletters, email and eLetters, text and voice messaging. It tracks and invites satisfaction responses for every transaction, instantaneously displays an overall report card, enables managers to review individual ratings and comments responses, and allows one-click personal responses.

We work with distributors and sales representatives who support restaurant owners, as well as directly with restaurants, and are working with hotels, golf resorts and retailers to refine the system for their markets.

FullCircle Patient Satisfaction SystemFULLCIRCLE RESEARCH

Energy: VanAmburg Group has built on its decades of customer-driven quality service research and program development to create real-time utility customer satisfaction systems that invite evaluation of every service call and enable compensation of every employee and contractor based in part on customers' satisfaction. We built such a system for ServicEdge, who were

FullCircle Patient Satisfaction System sample chart

committed to compensation for all employees and contractors being based in part on customer satisfaction levels.

Health Care: VanAmburg Group has consolidated its 30 years of custom research for insurers, hospitals and other health care providers into a real-time patient satisfaction system that instantly provides hospital administrators, physicians, unit managers and staff access to real-time patient responses and ratings.

CONTACT US for a demonstration of our programs to see how they can dramatically optimize your operations, increase your profitability, and solidify customer loyalty.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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