Community Needs Assessments
VanAmburg Group Community Needs Assessment Overview
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There are many reasons why non-profit agencies, whether community/ regional or global development, health or human services, need to understand and prove the need and demand for their services, and their impact in the market.

  • Most importantly, a correct understanding of both need and demand is critical for the agency to set its course, establish goals, and evaluate successes and failures in achieving those goals.
  • Funders expect competitive grant applications that justify allocation of resources.
  • Regulators redefine programs, expectations and processes on an average of every 18 months.
  • Individual service outcome evaluations need to be seen in context of larger trends.


Effective non-government organizations (NGOs) utilize both secondary and primary research in completing their needs assessments.


Research Secret: If done correctly, every primary research study can have a strong marketing impact without affecting the validity of research. Most NGOs have a strong need for public support, whether to influence government policies, provide contributions to or volunteer for the organization, or just provide word-of-mouth conversation about it. Design your research to both educate and ultimately make friends with your communities.


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Updated November 4, 2008
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