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VanAmburg Group Employee Quality Studies
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Whether you want to conduct 360 degree studies from a human resources perspective, or quality studies from a marketing perspective, your employees are often the most important customer group to be overlooked.

Employees are a wealth of knowledge, and most are waiting for you to ask their opinions. Take the opportunity.
Remember that every department has customers, some external and some internal to your company. Each department holds keys to optimizing your efficiency and effectiveness.


When looking outside, start by looking inside. A great source for understanding your customers' issues is immediately available to within your staff who deal regularly with your customers, whether through sales, delivery, customer service, billing or other functions.

You can learn critical information when you compare your employees' perceptions of the market to your external customers' perceptions. Design your internal research to match questions asked of external customer groups.


When you ask your employees for observations and opinions, you implicitly or explicitly set expectations - for feedback, decisions and follow-up actions.

  • Clarify and deliver. Be clear on what employees can expect from the process. Be prompt in responding with promised follow-up.
  • Be transparent. Promise to share aggregate results with participants, and deliver immediately.
  • Share ownership and expect accountability. Explain any need for confidentiality and take employees into your confidence. Restrict information shared to that which will not cripple the company if released to the public.
  • Trust and verify. Some employees will not recognize their responsibility to loyalty. If needed, use this process to track confidentiality breaches.

Every stated or implied promise you make is a reflection of your vision and integrity, and that of your company. Use your internal research to build employees' sense of ownership and trust.


Research Secret: You can accomplish employee research without adding to company overhead. Utilize technology to automate the process and create ongoing feedback from all employees with no additional staff responsibilities. Your employees, customers and shareholders will thank you.


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Updated November 4, 2008
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