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Whether yours is a stakeholder business selling goods or services primarily to a regional market, or an exporter selling globally, awareness of your company and its image within the marketplace are likely critical to your future.

If so, establishing a valid baseline will enable you to:

  • Assess your current position.
  • Establish achievable goals.
  • Determine the best tactics to achieve them.
  • Assess your success in achieving your goals through follow-up research.


Research your market to develop a baseline understanding of the issues most important to you among your public, such as:

  • Top of mind awareness
  • Image perceptions
  • Purchases, satisfaction, and recovery from problems
  • Interactions with your employees and resulting attitudes
  • Communications with your customers and resulting attitudes
  • Impact of your advertising 

 You have three alternatives:

  1. Ignore your awareness and image. Assume everything is fine.
  2. Complete baseline research and periodic follow-up benchmark studies.
  3. Establish an ongoing research system for real-time tracking of important issues within your communities.


If you have a presence in one or multiple markets, your stakeholder status is very important. We all know that satisfied customers can become our evangelists, and that dissatisfied customers are even more likely to spread negativity about us.

Research Secret: One often overlooked factor is the impact your employees have in each community. For example, we often find that 20% or even 50% of the residents of a community have spoken about a hospital, bank or retailer with its employees within the previous year. Employees' statements can have more and deeper impact than all of your paid advertising.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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