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VanAmburg group Research Plan Development Process
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VanAmburg Group can quickly complete a marketing research audit.

If customers have not all been identified, we will initially:

Then we will:

  • Inspect your recent research studies and methodologies
  • Review your organizational structure and strategic plans
  • Evaluate your current research policies
  • Assess your customer groups and customer databases
  • Interview your key managers, and understand your research needs
  • If desired, we can involve a wide range of constituents in the research plan creation by placing the entire process online for secure, real-time participation and results availability.

Utilizing the marketing research audit results, we will then:

  • Create a practical research plan for immediate implementation, incorporating timelines, responsibilities, resource requirements, methodologies, etc.
  • Present recommendations for best practices.


Whether you conduct your research internally through contract services, you can insure correct and useful research every time by establishing simple research policies.

VanAmburg Group will:

  • Review your research plan and past research methodologies
  • Establish allowable methodologies to insure results accuracy and usability for:
    • Qualitative and quantitative primary research (focus groups, consumer surveys, online surveys, etc.)
    • Secondary research (Demographics, psychographics, industry studies, publicly available research, etc.)
  • Provide research policies for consistent internal and external research.
  • If needed, prepare a model research Request for Proposals

Boston Gas, now a part of National GridSUCCESS STORY: As part of ongoing research services, VanAmburg Group developed research plans and policies for natural gas provider, Boston Gas, now a part of National Grid.


CONTACT US to quickly complete your marketing audit, research plan and policies.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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