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VanAmburg Group , Tracking change on an exponential curveLOOK THE CORRECT DISTANCE INTO THE FUTURE

Which trends will impact you most, and when?

1. The horizon is approaching quickly. Businesses used to look 10 years ahead to position themselves. With the escalating rate of change, many now find looking three months ahead almost impossible.

2. We need to see clearly. The time to anticipate and prepare for the current global financial redefinition was three to five years ago. Yet until the crisis hit, those few who warned of the coming financial tsunami were dismissed as extremists or crackpots. Now public chatter is dramatically distorting many people's focuses and preying on fears.

3. Look the correct distance into the future if you want to succeed:

  • Understand what will be real in 10 to 15 years years.
  • Set your vision on this view.
  • Make your decisions for 5 years out.
  • Use this touchstone for your daily actions now.

4. What works today could bury you in a few years, but if you are focused positively, you could thrive beyond your imagination.

  • This may be as hard to accept as the current financial crisis was earlier in 2008, but stable revenue streams of the past half century will be gone within five years, some in a few months. Do you know what will replace them?


VanAmburgGropu - Think BigFor 30 years we have expected, but certainly not looked forward to, the current economic storm. But we are not in the midst of another traditional business cycle. On the other side, everything will be different. Our job is to discover it.

While thousands of news articles and blogs now highlight each day's hardships, conflicts and fears, we focus on:

  • How life will be totally redefined in 5 to 15 years - business, economics, technology, automation, jobs, consciousness, daily life.
  •  What that means to your business today, next year and in 5 and 10 years.
  • The opportunities this chaos brings now, and how to successfully guide your business to the new economy.

VanAmburg Group tracks and analyzes global economic, technology, automation and emographic trends most important to our clients.

Look the correct distance into the future. Focus your business on life-supporting activities. Live your beliefs. We can help.

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Updated November 4, 2008
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